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The Final Guest

"The Final Guest"

You fade into consciousness, to find yourself floating across water that glows like molten gold, a solitary passenger in what appears to be a Venetian gondola, though you somehow know you're not in Venice. Behind you, a robed figure silently guides your conveyance over the water, its countenance concealed deep within its hood. The only sounds are the rhythmic splash of the gondolier's pole, and the distant caw of a raven.

Slowly, languidly, inexorably -- and just a bit fearfully -- you glide towards your mysterious destination.

Gradually, the moon emerges, revealing a tall castle seemingly carved out of moonlight, as if gradually emerging from -- or perhaps dissolving into -- the encroaching forest.

To the forbidding figure at your back you yearn to ask: Where am I? How did I get here? What is this place? Who has summoned me... and why? And though a hundred questions arise fully formed in your consciousness, the pervasive silence around you stills your voice as you await arrival... and answers you somehow know will be unspoken as well.

"The Final Guest" has been meticulously scanned from my original watercolor and digitally printed with fade-resistant inks on specially treated heavyweight watercolor paper. I personally inspect your print, sign it, slip it into its protective clear plastic envelope, and include with it a page of helpful framing hints from The Haunted Studio.

Medium Print size is 7.5" x 9.5", double matted (charcoal over a white liner), backed with rigid foam-core board, ready for framing in any readily available 11" x 14" frame. Shipped Priority Mail.

Large Print size is 12" x 18" on 13" x 19" paper. After I carefully inspect and sign your print, I'll slip it into its protective clear plastic envelope and carefully roll it for mailing to you, together with a page of helpful framing hints. Shipped Priority Mail.

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Large Print: $69.00
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