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Welcome to Nightmare Inn

"Welcome to Nightmare Inn"

You're wandering through a silent, mysterious landscape, without the faintest idea as to how you came to be here... or why. Unkempt thickets tower on all sides, and you can see no more than a few yards in any direction. The moon lights your way, leading you on.

An unearthly mist begins to materialize, swirling around your feet as you walk. Looking down, you suddenly realize that you're clad for sleep!

Following the twists and curves of the overgrown pathway, you round a bend, revealing a gray and gloomy mansion stolidly blocking your path. Your first reaction is relief: "Civilization! Surely someone here will be able to direct me back to... back to... where I have come from?"

Your steps, now more hesitant, bring you closer and closer. "Ahh," you think. "Surely someone will be able to point me towards... home?"

A rusted gate swings open as you approach, seemingly unbidden. You hesitate. Then, discerning a multitude of ghostly figures on shadowed balconies and in darkened windows, you call out, "Hellooo. I seem to be lost. Can you give me some directions."

There's no reply, though now the figures have ceased their movement and are silently focused upon you.

Presently, a calm, quiet voice fills your head. It originates, you realize, from within... your mind?

"We've been expecting you. Your room is ready."

"Welcome to Nightmare Inn."

Yes, a multitude of ghostly figures will be watching you from windows and doorways and shadowed granite porticos. The spooky, melancholy effect can only be hinted at in this on-screen reproduction.

Medium Print size is 9.5" x 7.5" within a charcoal-over-white double mat, plus rigid foam-core backing, ready for framing in any readily available 14" x 11" frame. Shipped Priority Mail.

Large Print size is 18" x 12" on 19" x 13" paper. After I carefully inspect and sign your print, I'll slip it into its protective clear plastic envelope and carefully roll it for mailing to you, together with a page of helpful framing hints. Shipped Priority Mail.

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