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Sweets For The Sweet?

"Sweets For The Sweet?"

Neither neglected country lanes nor decaying suburban streets are the only places to find scary old ghost houses. Not at all! Cruise the mean streets of any American city or town. Here abandoned houses stare through shattered windows, silently scream through twisted doors, bear witness to scenes of urban blight. Pause, if you dare, at houses that even the street-wise avoid... especially at night. Unwanted relics that stand... or die... perhaps even to briefly reappear??

This old townhouse, for example: Was it standing yesterday? Will it be there tomorrow? These two youngsters aren't sure. They're poised on the knife-edge of fear... Accept the treat? Turn and run? Here's how one writer saw it:

"Tut, tut - tsk, tsk, don' mind the chill.
Tis morsels of autumn sprinklin' the air, sweet'uns. Not cruelty, or molderin'bones.
Just bits o'sweets, an'wonder, for you."
"Tut, tut - tsk, tsk, climb rickety stairs. Have some, won'you? B'en long since I've had sweet'uns ta visit."
Turn, run.
But doughy Turkish Delights call. Jem hesitantly steps up with a crossways glance at her brother, named for a long since dead Uncle, Zeke. Salty, October-kissed tears sting his cheek.
Zeke -
    goes -
"Tut tut - tsk, tsk, t'ain't nothin' t'fret. Jus'warm cookies, made o'bitters, almonds, maple... an'blood."
Weathered steps groan. Jem! Zeke! STOP! They leave safe sidewalk toward scents of cookies, rotting leaves - and reassuring hag smiles.
Jem! Zeke! Look away! The gargoyles... are they... moving?
Last step before - Run Home Now! - feasting.
Zeke imagines his Uncle and Mother, long ago children at a house where a vacant lot should be. His Uncle did something to...
Save HER!
Zeke shoves Jem hard and reaches for the plate of cookies, fingers, eyeballs, squirming wretched things.
She hits the sidewalk. Whump!
An empty lot again,
and Mother's running, crying, wrenching her hair.
Tut, tut - tsk, tsk.
Somewhere Zeke stuffs his mouth to stifle a scream.

This was penned by Patrick Nottingham, who sent me the most chilling piece of poetry I can recall reading... ever! A printed copy of this poem will be enclosed with each order for Sweets For The Sweet?

Medium Print size is 9.5" x 7.5" within a charcoal-over-white double mat, plus rigid foam-core backing, ready for framing in any readily available 14" x 11" frame. Shipped Priority Mail.

Large Print size is 14.75" x 11.75" on 19" x 13" paper. After I carefully inspect and sign your print, I'll slip it into its protective clear plastic envelope and carefully roll it for mailing to you, together with a page of helpful framing hints. Shipped Priority Mail.

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